How To Use IPL Hair Removal Device?


Home-use IPL hair removal equipment has recently gained popularity, especially during Covid-19 lockdowns. When beauty clinics were closed, waxing appointments were missed.

IPL hair removal at home gives long-lasting hairless results, unlike painful waxing and epilating. Many have adopted a new hair removal regular.

As IPL hair removal at home is a novel technology, several factors must be considered before utilizing the device. Given below are points that need to consider before using hair removal devices.

Guidelines To Be Remembered Before Using IPL Home Devices

Avoid Skincare Products

It may be possible that applying any product on the skin may block light from reaching the hair follicles. You should not use gel or skin care products for IPL hair removal. Dirt may collect in the window’s crevices, making them more challenging to clean.

Don’t Come Under Sun Lights

After Ulike IPL Hair Removal hair removal, avoid the sun, wear sunscreen or cover your skin. When using IPL, avoid using isotretinoin, skin-whitening treatments, vitamin A, chemicals like AHA or BHA, azalea acid, and retinol. Please avoid these chemicals 48 hours before and after IPL treatment.

Always Check Your Skin Tolerance

Before making a purchase, make sure your skin tone and hair color are compatible. The first time, start with level 1 and progressively increase it. As per your skin tone, try to increase the level slowly.

Use Only Shave Before IPL

For IPL Hair Remover to function, some hair must be present and complete with the hair follicles. The whole root of the hair will be removed by waxing, plucking, or epilating. Without hair, there would be no path for light to flow through to reach the hair follicles. Melanin, which is present in hair, absorbs the light energy from the IPL.

Avoid Overheating

Home IPL handsets generate light that converts to heat. Continued use will result in overheating of the glass and the gadget. You may decide whether to leave the fan running for a short while or turn it off to allow the device to cool down before moving further.

Ulike Hair Removal At Home devices are based on the latest technology, which helps to remove hairs easily. The IPL handsets are implemented on the skin without damaging it.

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